Ride Along

Have you ever wondered what it is like to respond with lights and siren??? Have you ever wondered what it was like to help somebody sick or injured??? Have you ever wondered what kind of pre-hospital medical care takes place in your community??? Have you ever wondered if you have “what it takes” to volunteer your time to help fellow community members and guests to our valley that are sick and injured??? Have you ever wondered what Deerfield Valley Rescue is, and what they do??? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you are over the age of 16 we have a program just for you!!! Deerfield Valley Rescue has implemented a new Ride-along program for those possibly interested in joining our service. While our Rules and Regulations cover what it entails to be a part of our organization, the best way to experience this is to see it first hand. Be with us as we respond to a motor vehicle accident, a skiing injury at Mt. Snow, or any kind of medical emergency or injury that happens in our community. You now have the opportunity to respond as part of Deerfield Valley Rescue. You become an observer on our duty crew, and observe what happens from beginning to end of a call. As part of the crew you will get to observe the following:

  • The dispatch of a call.
  • The response of the crew to the emergency.
  • The care provided to a sick or injured patient on the scene.
  • The care provided during the transport to a medical facility.
  • The transfer of care from an EMS organization to a hospital/medical facility.
  • The relationships formed between crewmembers to patient, crewmembers to crewmembers, crewmembers and patients to hospital staff and our squad to other Fire/EMS/Police agencies.
  • The procedures, equipment and protocols our crews use to accomplish our task of treating a sick or injured patient.

So do we have you interested now in riding along with us to see what we do and how we do it?? We hope so. If you are interested, please contact any member of our organization, call us, or stop down and see us to continue this process.
Our office is staffed Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm for the months of April through November, and staffed 7 days a week December through March. Please feel free to stop by or give us a call at 464-5557.

Our meetings nights are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, so you can even stop down and see us and meet everyone and see what is happening for that night. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you!!

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